Extra results

Here you find additional research results.


Perception of written and graphic warnings on cigarette packages and attitudes concerning tobacco tax increase

Here you find results about the perception of written and graphic warning indications on cigarette packets, as well as smoker's readiness to call the phone number printed on cigarette packets, catered to people who wish to quit smoking. The second part of this report is concerned with the attitudes towards and the acceptance of increases of the tobacco tax.

Research report 2010

(Publication date of the result report: October 2011)


Smoking during pregnancy

The first part of the report consits information about smoking during pregnancy from literature research. Furthermore it provides results of the Tobacco Monitoring during 2001 to 2005. Due to the fact of small sample size cummulation of the data was necessary.

Research report 2010

(Publication date of the result report: November 2009)


Tobacco Consumption differentiated by linguistic areas

The reports on this topic provide information about the development of tobacco consumption in the Swiss population since 2001 differentiated by linguistic areas.

Factsheet 2008

(Publication date of the result report: July 2009)


Results: Partner organization survey

The Tobacco Monitoring Switzerland has the following objective: Provide up-to-date data on tobacco consumption for various target groups (the public, the media, political decision-makers, prevention specialists, and so on) reliably, quickly, and in a user-friendly way. For this reason the Social and Health Psychology unit of the Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich questioned partner organziations of the FOPH via online survey to get more information about the utilization and acceptance of the TMS.

Here you find the results:

Results: Partner organization 2008

(Publication date: December 2008)


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