Minimal physician’s intervention in Switzerland1

The reports on this topic provide information on smoking counselling by doctors and dentists in private practices and at pharmacies. The results reflect the subjective experiences on smoking counselling of smokers and former smokers in the 14- to 65-year-old Swiss population. The following subjects are covered: addressing smoking habits, recommending smoking cessation, and offering smoking cessation support.

Smokers turn most often to a doctor in private practices for consultation, but the percentage of smoking counselling in dental practices has increased in 2010

84% of the 14- to 65-year old smokers report they had spoken to a doctor (68%) or dentist (31%) about smoking and the harmful effects of smoking. 34% of the smokers were advised to quit smoking and 19% were offered smoking cessation support, most often in form of nicotine substitutes.

Research report
Short report
Fact sheet 2010

(Publication date of the research report: December 2010)

1Krebs, H., Keller, R., Radtke, T. & Hornung, R. (2010). Raucherberatung in der ärztlichen und zahnmedizinischen Praxis aus Sicht der Rauchenden und ehemals Rauchenden (Befragung 2009). Tabakmonitoring – Schweizerische Umfrage zum Tabakkonsum. Zürich: Psychologisches Institut der Universität Zürich, Sozial- und Gesundheitspsychologie.

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